Friday, August 04, 2006

Change-- Learning From Your Children

In the spirit of keeping my entries on this blog short and rambling on Everyone Needs Therapy instead, here's something that everyone knows, but most people who are a little older (no, I won't divulge) tend to forget.

We LEARN from them.

There are parents who never quite get out of the idea that they're always supposed to be teaching their kids. I started blogging to pass on what I know to mine. That's narcissistic, I know, but what else can I do? Call it, if you want.

So when you do that, always direct your communication TO your kid, you are on the talking side of the relationship, no matter to whom you are directing your thoughts, not the listening side.

Quick example.

So I'm getting a little older. (People get gray in their thirties, right?).

My daughter, son-in-law, and their two little guys come for a visit. M. says to me, "Mommy, let's get the gray out. It's fun." She writes a terrific blog, by the way, Fish and Family. Fish is about the fish tank that almost killed their relationship. You know how that is.

Now I sort of liked the natural dulling of my brown hair, the salt and brown pepper look. I have a lot of hair and it grows fast. So I've resisted this move. But when M. tells me to do something, I instinctively trust her. We did it, me moaning thoughout the procedure, sensitive eyes and all.

'Nuf said, gang. It's okay. I'm happy with this. So my suggestion, Let go of the control. Just do it. Listen to them when they're talking to you, at every age.

BTW, It's like getting your first perm but MUCH better.

Have a great weekend, T.D.

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Margo said...

PS - Has Aba noticed yet? :)

Love, The Genius Who Got You To Do It

Therapy Doc said...

He never noticed. I told him. What counts is I like it better.