Thursday, August 31, 2006

Language is Powerful

Perverted triangles

Emotional incest.

When I was a grad student and these kinds of terms popped up I would wake up (not always easy for a graduate student, right?)

Like the word I'm hearing a lot of lately is FABULOUS, and I'm wondering if the current vernacular is coming from a television show that I'm missing (TELL ME, PLEASE, WHICH ONE GAVE US "FABULOUS?") or from the blogger community.

I asked the question to the female community on one of the women blogger websites Is Blogging Therapeutic? We came to a resounding Yes, probably because all kinds of people can pontificate and swear about whatever they want (including me) and anyone reading it is a captive audience.

Sure, you can stop reading at anytime, but you get mired into a web of links to other sites that make you happy and send you to still other sites and before you know it, you're up until 2 a.m. (3?) Last night I started out with a Hawaiian blog, Kwanyin's Who's Yo' Mama and ended up with a rock and roll band I'd never heard of (I'm old, I'm old, I'm old) who apparently made it to National Public Radio.

All this means is that the power of words and the right to express them (G-d Bless America) is indeed riveting and for sure good for us. Or bad, I guess, if they're an expression of violence.

Why else would we go absolutely nuts when a nine month old says, Da Da?

Perverted triangles are explained in the Blood is Thicker than Water page in the archives, and Emotional Incest is yet to come.

Shalom, btw.


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